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Clean Spellbook
Bewertung: 7.66  bei  3 Stimmen
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Fame: 142StatistikStatistik, Downloads: 16890
Englische Plugins Oblivion - Sonstiges - Other
Geschrieben von Low Post   
Name: Clean Spellbook V1.3.0
Von/Created by: Low Post
Größe /Size: 1.32MB
Downloads: 16890 (Fame Score: 142)
Abhngigkeiten/Dependencies: OBSE V0016 or later
Sprachversion/ game language: englis(c)h, german optional
Oblivion Patchstufe /patch status: Patch v1.2.0416


SpellbookWith proceeding play time more and more spells are added to the spellbook, but not depending on whether you have use for them or not and there's no way to get rid of them. At worst the spell book is that cloged with spells you have trouble finding your preferred ones.
That's where this plugin steps in: It adds a spellbook to the game that sorts your spells by school. Also you can make your character 'forget' one single spell, all spells belonging to a certain category or even all spells in the player's spellbook. These forgotten spells won't be deleted. They are stored (you might say 'written down in the spellbook') and can be restored at any time. They are marked with a '(Hidden)' in the line after their name.

The categories are:
  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Destruction
  • Illusion
  • Mysticism
  • Restoration
  • Lesser Power

It's not possible to forget Greater Powers or abilities, and for sure diseases affecting the player aren't even displayed. This plugin's only aim is to help the player keep his spellbook clean.
Additionally, it's possible to equip spells with the Spellbook. For that purpose you have to press the SelectKey (Standart: L-Shift) while you click at the spell. The Key can be changed by pressing the prefered new key while clicking at the Finish button in the main menu.
If you click at your current Spell while pressing the SelectKey it will be marked as a HotSpell. HotSpells are displayed before the other (normal) Spells so they are easier to find. To release a HotKey from its status click at it while pressing the SelectKey whilte it's either your current spell or hidden.

Additionally, it's possible to display more Information about every single spell, or to display hidden spells after the non-hidden ones (hidden HotSpell will be displayed before the normal not-hidden spells).
You can activate & deactivate these optional features in a submenu. To open this submenu click at the Finish button in the main menu while pressing the SelectKey. Everything else nessesary is described there.
Additionally, you can change the language and the material the Spellbook's pages are made of.

The Spellbook isn't a Book, but a Misc Item. Therefore, you have to serch for a Misc Item instead of a Book in your Inventory.

Clean Spellbook is usable in English and German language. If you installed Pluggy v122 (or higher), the language is chosen automatically with the file size of the Oblivion.esm, otherwise with the Value of iLanguage [Controls] in the Oblivion.ini

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Letzte Aktualisierung ( 18.01.2009 )

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Silber-EmpfehlungDarkRuler2500 empfiehlt:
 Alexis Magiergilde:
Ein absolutes TOP-Plugin Ein absolutes Must-Have-PlugIn, welches nun schon seit ewigen Zeiten meine Modliste ergnzt. Absolut empfehlenswert, hoher Wiederspielwert und wunderschn gemachte Quests.

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